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About G4 Design Studios

G4 Design Studios, an architectural firm located in Burlington, Vermont, has been working on many interior and exterior design projects since 2011 in Vermont and New York. Projects range from residential additions/renovations, new houses, and office fit-ups to multi-family and commercial projects. We’re up to speed with the latest technologies and use them to help you.


With the assistance of these technologies, specifically, the building information modeling software (BIM), we’re able to draw packages that can be customized to fit any scope of work. All of our drawings are taken from a 3D model, which means minimal errors and lower cost of 3D renderings, making it affordable for you as the client.

3D scanning & point cloud technology allows us to create a 3D walkthrough of any existing space which can be communicated to contractors or clients. 

The walkthrough can be used to take measurements, view the space, document existing conditions and even integrates with BIM software for more accurate architectural plans. 

We have a team of in-house professionals that are dedicated to helping your vision come to life. We’re here to listen to your ideas and to make your project possible. When you choose to work with G4 Design Studios, you're choosing an architectural firm that believes in supporting the client throughout the entire design process.

Check out our completed projects and connect with us to learn more

about how we can help you get started on your design today.  

Our Design Process


Let’s talk about what you envision.

Are you looking to build an office for your business or looking to create a new residential space for residents?

How many floors do you want the building to be?

What do you want the windows to look like?

All of these answers don’t have to be figured out today.

That’s what we’re here for: to listen, to care, to provide feedback, and to ensure that your final design aligns with your vision.  

October 2015 247.jpg
Once the overall basic design and shape has been selected, we get more specific about materials and trim pieces.
We create a customized 3D visualization of your design.
The G4 Design Studios team invites you to step into your new building without it even being built first.
Schwartz Front Rendering.jpg
Next, it’s time to determine the cost of your project.
All of the buildings need a town permit. 
Applying for these permits can be a complex process, but with our help, we can make that process run more smoothly for you.
Back view 2.PNG
Done Deal
Drawings are approved for pricing and permits are accepted.
Our final touches include drawing specific building details for construction and making sure specific materials have been specked out and selected.
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